Andra's Reiki for Humans
While animals don’t have to think twice about receiving Reiki energy healing, their human counterparts are much more complex. For that reason, I’d like to share for your curiosity what your in-person Reiki experience looks like:

You’re going to receive your session in the comfort of The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics in a relaxing healing room with soft lighting and soft music playing. You will remain fully clothed, lying down on your back on a comfy massage table. Most recipients opt for the eye pillow placed on their eyes for a deeper inward experience. You may also choose to be covered by a light blanket. Once you have settled into the room, I will place my hands on your body following an established series of hand positions. Sensitive and private areas will not be touched. As Reiki is not talk therapy, to promote deeper healing there is no talking during the session. At the end of your session, five minutes is set aside for integration and grounding.

Schedule Sessions: or 520-882-0292

As with animals, distance sessions are often more powerful, providing deeper results. Setting aside ample time to relax after a session is suggested.

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Andra's Animal Reiki
My deep love and caring for animals were obvious since childhood, propelling me to a life filled with assisting animals. At times this may be someone's lost or sick pet, an injured animal, or wildlife in need of rehabilitation or habitat preservation. My path was paved and then Reiki found me. I enrolled in a First Degree class shortly after receiving my first Reiki session in 1999. The benefits of this profound healing system became evident through giving daily Reiki sessions to myself and my pets. It was a natural progression to begin giving Reiki to other people’s animals and their humans. Recognizing the value of sharing Reiki in a larger way, I continued my training, becoming a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher in 2005.
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Andra’s Always Accurate
Copy editing and proofreading spiritual projects are my specialty; however, correcting and taming words of any nature are well served by my skill set. An innate ability to delve into the soul of the author blends with my uncanny knack to detect and resolve any distractions that would otherwise get in the way of the reader. The end result is a superior message delivery which creates sacred space between author and reader while remaining true to the author’s voice.
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Andra’s Healing Art
As an energetic impressionist, my art embraces painting what I feel and perceive in the world that surrounds me. Each painting delivers its own unique healing effect upon the viewer’s physical, emotional, and energetic system. Thus, it is appropriately referred to as “Healthy Art."
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