Andra’s Healing Art
As an energetic impressionist, my art embraces painting what I feel and perceive in the world that surrounds me. Each painting delivers its own unique healing effect upon the viewer’s physical, emotional, and energetic system. Thus, it is appropriately referred to as “Healthy Art."
Andra’s Healing Art Commissions
This service requires an act of faith and surrender on the part of the client and a willingness to be pleasantly surprised. Unlike traditional art commissions that involve requests for a specific subject and color scheme, Andra’s Healing Art commissions are intuitively tailored to the client’s needs. Colors and forms are not known until I sit down and create the painting. Sizes may vary and are dependent upon the painting’s purpose.
Personal Healing:

This service is designed to be a supportive piece of any health care program, but not a substitute. It is suggested that a licensed health care professional be contacted for any physical or psychological concerns.

Paintings feature carefully chosen colors and shapes that are beneficial for the client physically, emotionally, and energetically. Clients may notice optimum benefits by working with the same piece daily for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. A monthly healing series is available for a reduced fee.

Frequent computer users may also benefit from paintings individually tailored to promote energy and focus.

Spatial Healing:
These paintings are intended to be displayed in specific areas of the home, office, or business establishment to promote overall flow and balance of the space. In addition to the individual homeowner or renter, paintings may be commissioned by professional Feng Shui or Vastu practitioners
to support Abundance/Prosperity, Health, Love/Relationship, Career, and others. This offering is also popular with real estate agents.
Appropriate locations include:
  • Homes and Apartments
  • Offices (Medical, Dental, Counseling, Law, etc.)
  • Healing and Wellness Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Veterinary Hospitals
  • B and B’s
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Guest Ranches and Resorts
  • Retail Stores
  • And more …
Promotional Materials:
The process for creating paintings for promotional use blends the traditional linear approach to commissions with the intuitive style of Andra’s Healing Artwork. Images may be produced for digital or printed materials. These may include:
  • Book and Magazine Illustrations
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Music Album Covers
  • Websites
  • And more …
Original Paintings
Check back occasionally for original paintings that become available. Examples may be found on my Facebook page.
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Limited Edition Prints
Selected paintings are available as limited edition prints. The energizing or healing effects of images may vary, as the source of adrenal fatigue or other issues may originate in different energetic pathways depending on the individual.
Emergence is often experienced as energizing and balancing. According to Advanced Energy Therapeutics founder Mega R. Mease: As an Energy Diagnostic I have always looked at your work as “Healthy Art.” This one definitely works with the lungs and heart. I must share this one!

Emergence  © Andra S. Ewton, Andra’s Healing Art

The Muya painting is the most popular offering. It may be placed in the Abundance area of the home and office to enhance the flow of Abundance. It is a healing symbol originally channeled by Mega R. Mease and may affect the viewer in a variety of ways. Clients often find that standing in front of the image supports them to feel more energized.

Muya © Andra S. Ewton, Andra’s Healing Art

Inspiration: Artist’s Roots
Like many of us, I explored the world of creativity as a child. As adults, we are all artists in our own way, whether the creation is a painting or the way we choose to live life. My artistic talent was recognized by my 8th grade art teacher, Ed Ely, in Manlius, New York.

Between 1988 and 1990, I was further inspired to create art by processing artists’ manuscript collections at Syracuse University’s George Arents Research Library for Special Collections. I later took the leap in 1995 and studied for six years with fine art painter and printmaker Jo Andersen in Tucson, Arizona.

To hone my natural empathic ability as an energetic impressionist, I began consulting with Mega R. Mease of Advanced Energy Therapeutics in 1999. I was first attuned to Reiki then as well. Giving myself daily Reiki sessions transformed my artistic style from one of constricted realism to the more free-flowing abstract impressionism. I thoroughly enjoy the sense of freedom and balance that is to be found in this way.
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