Veterinary Reiki Sessions

Reiki Energy Healing sessions may also be arranged for animals who are staying at the vet’s office

Andra’s Animal Reiki, LLC

Client Registration & Responsibility Agreement

I, the undersigned, understand that Reiki does not interfere with treatment from a licensed veterinarian. Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary diagnosis or treatment.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications or other substances, or perform veterinary treatments.

By signing this document I agree to not hold Andra S. Ewton, Andra’s Animal Reiki, LLC or the referring veterinary practice/animal care professional liable for the Reiki sessions my animal(s) receives.

Reiki Session options & Administrative Policies: Click Here

Non-refundable fees are to be paid directly to Andra’s Animal Reiki at time of scheduling via

*Distance healing may be substituted for in-person sessions when necessary. By entering my name below I am agreeing to these terms.



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