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Spiritual projects are my specialty, however correcting and taming words of any nature are well-served by my skill set. An innate ability to delve into the soul of the author blends with my uncanny knack to detect and resolve any distractions that would otherwise get in the way of the reader. The end result is a superior message delivery that creates sacred space between author and reader while remaining true to the author’s voice.

It is important in all decision making to choose wisely regardless of the endeavor. It is essential, however, when selecting a professional to support you in presenting your message to the world.

Optimally, one will do best when choosing a professional who is invested in the success of their clients and willing to connect on a deeper level. I am that person, so I respectfully ask you to consider me and Always Accurate as the “to go to” professional for all of your proofreading and copy editing needs.
Bring your message out into the world with Andra’s Always Accurate:  
  • Create a sacred space between you and your readers.
  • Achieve the most effective delivery of your message.
  • Honor your individual writing voice and style.
Resolve distractions that may encumber your success:
  • Typos
  • Misspelled words
  • Run-on sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Other grammatically disjointed elements
Reasons to choose the expertise of Andra’s Always Accurate for your project:
  • Be seen, heard, and respected while honing your unique message.
  • Computer programs do not delve into the soul of the author.
  • All AAA Services are tailored to your individual needs.
  • Projects are completed in a timely, professional manner.
Andra’s Always Accurate provides professional support for the following printed or digital material:
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • E-Books
  • Homework
  • Manuals and Workbooks
  • Promotional Materials (Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, etc.)
  • Websites
  • And more ...
Andra’s Always Accurate will dedicate the necessary time and attention to ensure delivery of a product that:
  • Conveys your full intention
  • Presents your message in a strong, clear manner
  • Maintains your style and vision intact
Are you juggling multiple projects? Grappling with writer’s block?
  • Andra’s Always Accurate is adamant on maintaining focus and adhering to deadlines.
  • Our mutual collaboration supports clear, continued movement toward reaching your goals.
Proofreading vs. Copy Editing
What is the difference between proofreading and copy editing?
Proofreading and copy editing are often confused. Proofreading is the art of resolving simple typos. This may frequently include detecting and correcting errors in spelling and punctuation.

Copy editing addresses the basic elements of proofreading while thoroughly streamlining text and presentation. This may include:
  • Correcting errors in grammar
  • Resolving format and style inconsistencies
  • Improving overall ease of reading and flow
A majority of clients will find copy editing to be the most effective option.
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Description of Services
Simple Proofreading:
  • Correct errors in spelling and punctuation
  • Address other simple typos
Basic Copy Editing:
  • Correct errors in grammar (syntax included)
  • Resolve format and style inconsistencies
  • Identify ways to improve overall ease of reading and flow
  • Includes Simple Proofreading
Advanced Copy Editing:
  • In-depth version of Basic Copy Editing
  • Complex edits
  • Rewrite sections for improved flow when needed
  • Rewrite for improved consistency and more effective message delivery
Technical Projects:
Technical projects will be assessed to determine whether an additional fact checking or research fee is required.
Initial Assessment:
The initial assessment consists of a quick read-through of the document prior to start of work in order to provide the most appropriate service recommendation and estimate.
Phone Consult:
Phone consults are conducted when appropriate to initially identify project needs and also to address any unexpected document issues discovered mid-process.
Email Consult:
An email consult may be required mid-process to clarify any unexpected document issues when phone consult is not warranted.
Edits are done online in red font within the MS Word document for the client’s review prior to finalizing.
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Schedule Your Project
To Contract Andra’s Always Accurate For Your Project:
  1. Review Business Guidelines.
  2. Contact to schedule your project.
  3. Sign and submit Service Agreement.
  4. Submit non-refundable $50 initial assessment deposit. Deposit will be applied to balance due upon project completion.
  5. Submit your manuscript for review via email. Document specifications:
    • MS Word
    • Double-spaced
    • Verdana size 11 font
    Number pages
    Include page total and word count in document name
  6. If appropriate, complete Service Questionnaire to clarify project requirements.
  7. Receive initial assessment.
  8. Receive estimate for work recommended for your individual project needs.
  9. Submit payment of 50% of the estimated project fee.
  10. Balance of payment due is expected upon receipt of completed work.
I used the services of Andra Ewton at Always Accurate to proofread and edit the manual for a myofascial massage course that I had written. Her work was, as her business name implies, entirely accurate, precise and extremely helpful. Her suggestions as to changing some wording made the manual more user friendly and readable for the students. The attention to detail was surprisingly thorough, much more than I had experienced in the past with other proofreaders. She even took the time to make sure that I understood the reasons for her particular recommendations, which was a first for me. Andra’s work was completed on time and on budget, giving me more than ample time to have the manuals printed for the class. I will use Always Accurate again for future projects. Thanks Andra.

David B. Blum, LMT, CKTP
Owner, Healthy Touch Education, LLC
Self-Help Book:
Andra’s editing skills are amazing! She is very tuned in and caught so many little things that I had missed. I very much appreciated her keen eyes and marvelous editing ability. In fact, when I sent the manuscript to my publisher at Conari Press, she wrote, “I found the manuscript to be really, really solid, well-conceived, and well edited (thank you, Meryl and editor).”

~Meryl Hershey Beck, author of the best-selling Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating
Writing your first short story novel is worrisome as it is – especially when you were never an English major. It was important for my debut to be enjoyable for my readers and their reading wasn’t distracted with ghastly grammar and careless punctuation. Once the decision was made that I would hire an editor – new trepidations fell upon me. Writing a novel is similar to giving birth – as I have now experienced both. This baby was very fragile in the first periods of development. Who on earth could I possible trust?

Andra came in on silent wings and provided an immediate calm to the anxiety laden predicament. She assured me that nothing would be dramatically changed, my work would maintain its autonomy, and she was always available for consultation. Upon completion, I read the first few paragraphs of my updated creation and couldn’t resist the overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the magic she provided. The story flowed effortlessly, no more hiccups, I could not have been more impressed.

Currently, I am working on my biggest project of fiction and feel very confident and comforted by the fact that I have Andra to assist in the final launching. As an author, there are moments when the story flows from the head to the pen in seconds. Although this mechanism is effortless of the writer, it often leaves a draft in desperate need of a clean-up. Having an editor allows the heart of a story to become tangible easier due to the author’s mind being free of worry.

In addition to her extraordinary editing skills, Andra is also gifted in art, something that I hope to utilize as well in this new project. Once the story is complete, I’d like her to interpret the image for a book cover, another task that involves trust. Her eye for detail, whether it be in transcript or a vision of nature, is above all expectations and I feel truly grateful that our paths have crossed.

Gloria C. Mathiesen
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Andra’s Always Accurate Business Guidelines
Spiritual projects are my specialty. Fees may be increased for technical projects as well as for projects requiring fact-checking or other research.

Initial Assessment:
A non-refundable $50 deposit is required for the initial assessment and is applied to the balance due upon project completion. The document submitted for the initial assessment phase must be the same version that will undergo proofreading/copy editing or additional fees may be applied.

A deposit of 50% of the estimated fee is required prior to start of work. Remaining payment must be submitted upon receipt of completed work.

Projects greater than 5 pages are billed when work is completed:

  • Basic Proofreading: $30/hour
  • Basic Copy Editing: $40/hour
  • Advanced Copy Editing: $55/hour

Quick, short edits 5 pages or fewer will be billed monthly:

  • Basic Proofreading: $40/edit
  • Basic Copy Editing: $50/edit
  • Advanced Copy Editing: $65/edit

Phone Consult:

  • $30 per hour
  • 15-minute initial consult: complimentary

Email Consult:

  • $25 per email
  • Initial consult: complimentary

Technical Projects:

  •  Will be assessed to determine whether an additional fact checking or research fee is required.
  • Additional Technical Project fee: $40/hour

Invoices are payable via PayPal to or by check made payable to Andra S. Ewton. $40 is charged for returned checks.

Cancellations must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to desired deadline or payment for time allotted is required. Payment must be submitted upon receiving acknowledgment of cancellation notice.

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